Employee Safety & Sustainability Solutions

Prioritizing Your Workforce’s Well-being and Planetary Health

At DRVR, we make the safety and sustainability of your business operations a top priority. We recognize the value of your employees as your most precious asset and are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that not only boost their safety but also contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Fostering Safer Driving and Sustainable Practices

Drive Safe, Arrive Safely, Your Employees’ Well-being Matters

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Proactive Safety Initiatives:

Enable your employees to proactively enhance their driving behavior, promoting a safer overall driving experience.

Informed by Data Insights:

Leverage the potential of extensive data analytics for informed decision-making, driving safety improvements, and policy adjustments.

Tailored Safety Solutions:

Customize safety measures to align with your organization’s specific requirements, guaranteeing a personalized approach to employee well-being.

Driving Towards a Sustainable Future: Green on the Road, Blue in the Skies


Drive toward economic and environmental savings with Fuel Optimization.

Environmental Responsibility:

Show dedication to Carbon Emission Reduction and global sustainability goals.

Promoting Green Driving:

Foster Eco-Friendly driving practices
for reduced costs and carbon Impact.

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About Our Employee Safety Solutions!

DRVR‘s Drive Safe app has revolutionized how we prioritize employee safety at our company. As a leading provider of sustainable agricultural solutions, ensuring the well-being of our workforce, especially our sales team navigating remote areas, is paramount. Drive Safe allows us to assess driving behaviors via smartphones, swiftly addressing potential risks. Drive Insights equips our management with valuable visualization reports for informed decisions. Thanks to DRVR, our employees now adopt safer driving habits, enhancing workplace safety.
Global Agrochemical Leader

As a major player in the automotive industry, prioritizing the well-being of our employees is our foremost commitment, and establishing a zero-accident culture remains our top priority. DRVR‘s Drive Safe solution inspires our workforce to approach road navigation with elevated safety awareness, leading to a notable reduction in traffic violations and the creation of a secure work environment. This solution stands as a significant contributor to our ongoing dedication to employee safety.
Major Japanese Automobile Manufacturer

Ensuring the safety of our employees during their daily commutes has always been a top priority for us. With Drive Safe, we’ve found the perfect solution – no costly equipment needed, just their smartphones. This allows us to monitor overall driving scores and receive immediate accident notifications. Since adopting this technology, our employees have been driving more cautiously, resulting in decreased fuel usage and fewer insurance claims. We’re now considering implementing this solution for our customers to enhance their safety and efficiency as well.
Global Insurance Powerhouse

Elevate Your Competitive Edge with Groundbreaking Safety and Environmental Solutions

Unlock the potential of your organization with DRVR and lead the way in

promoting employee safety and environmental sustainability.

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