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Monitoring and Recording Driving Behavior

Our team constantly improves to provide you with the best products and services.

Core Problems

Driving is one of the most dangerous things people do on a daily basis. Drive Safe can help, by capturing real-time driving behavior, analyzing the data, and making recommendations on how to improve Drive Safe helps to save lives. Fuel cost are currently sky-high and going up. By implementing Eco Driving methods from Drive Safe fleet managers can save up to 15% on fuel cost.

Driver Safety

Drivers are the number 1 cause of accidents. We can identify risky drivers and coach them.


Real-time alerts and notifications of accidents and poor driving behavior.

Remote Monitoring

We have a management portal that records all of the driving events and performance.

Our Solutions

DriveSafe has 2 elements: Smartphone App for Drivers and Management Portal for Fleet Operators/Managers

Drive Safe Application

DRVR has developed an application which monitors driving behavior using a smartphone as a sensor

  • A gamification system that awards good drivers – we can partner with local companies to provide prizes and special rewards
  • We use sensors on a smartphone to detect driving events:
    • Speeding
    • Harsh Braking
    • Rapid Acceleration
    • Phone Usage
    • Collision Detection

Monitoring and Recording Driving Behavior

Improve Employee Safety

With Drive Safe, you can reduce the risks of dangerous driving and improve safety for your employees or customers on the road.

Advanced Accident Detection

Drive Safe uses a sensor in the Smartphone to detect accidents and contact the emergency number in real-time.

Management Portal


Management Systems for operators to monitor driving behaviors scoring

  • Management portal to support Fleet Managers & Back Office users
  • Easy to use dashboards
  • Main features are: overall fleet score, performance breakdown, driving events, and Driver League table.

Why Drive Safe

Our team constantly improves to provide you with the best products and services


We provide Gamified App that rewards drivers with prizes/promotions for their good driving behavior. This incorporates a fun and engaging system to cultivate safe driving.

Local Support

We are your local partner! Our application is available in multiple languages and we also provide training support for drivers to get a hold of the application.


We can customize the applications and systems with the customer’s own branding.

Data Advantage

FleetSafe Uses Power AI & ML To give you answers


5 years collecting petabytes of data


Let AI help you reduce cost

Real-Time Visibility

Take action with live insights

Achieve real-time visibility to better understand your business

Employ a scalable solution, fast

Connect to new or existing devices or sensors to set up data flows and generate insights quickly in local languages, with minimal configuration.

Simplify management

Review actionable insights driven by big data analytics and machine learning and set up notifications to alert you when action is required.

Access real-time data, anywhere

Track and monitor vehicle status, driver performance, and useful reports at-a-glance from wherever you are.

Let’s make your riders safer, together!
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