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Unlocking a Safer and More Sustainable Future through Partnership

We invite like-minded companies to collaborate with us on this impactful journey. By working together, we can drive real change, enhance safety, reduce costs, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Partnering with DRVR

At DRVR, we believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change.

When you partner with DRVR, you’re aligning with a collective commitment to road safety. We empower businesses to create safer driving environments, reduce accidents, and ensure employees return home safely. Our solutions also optimize operational costs by enhancing driver behavior and fleet management, contributing to substantial savings. Moreover, we share your vision for sustainability, offering technologies and practices that reduce the environmental impact of fleet operations.

Let’s unite our efforts and make the roads safer and more eco-friendly.

Contact our team today to embark on this impactful journey. Together, we can contribute to a safer and better world!

Our Partners

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Our Partners

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PT Nagase, Indonesia, a division of the Nagase Group, a well-established Japanese corporation with over 180 years of history, operates in various industries, including chemicals, plastics, electronics, and life sciences. The company is recognized for its substantial presence in Indonesia and its dedication to delivering top-quality products and services to its clientele.
PT Nagase is a strategic partner in our mission for road safety. They are a key collaborator, contributing to our efforts in Indonesia.

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HERE Technologies is a global technology company specializing in mapping, navigation and location-based services, known for its detailed and up-to-date maps and collaboration in automotive and technology sectors. They are our essential global partner, contributing expertise in geospatial technology to boost our mission.

Benefits of Partnering with DRVR

  • Access Leading Driving Software: Partner with DRVR for cutting-edge business driving behavior software, ensuring advanced safety and efficiency.
  • Integration Opportunities: Seamlessly integrate our solutions into your offerings, enhancing your portfolio.
  • Trusted Solution: Rely on DRVR’s solutions, trusted by world-leading brands, for quality and effectiveness.
  • Streamlined Support: Get personalized assistance, maximize solution advantages with our top-tier customer success team, and access tailored marketing resources for effective strategies.
  • Ongoing Training: Continuous training and exclusive previews keep you ahead.
  • Long-Term Partnership: Join us in a mission for safer, cost-effective, and eco-friendly work-related driving.