Drive Insights

Data Insights; A powerful Business Intelligence tool kit

Data visualization is a great way to be able to garner insights and a powerful tool for analysis.

Drive Insights Elements

DRVR has developed a Business Intelligence tool kit called Drive Insights. This powerful tool is made up of three elements

Data Source

Data Aggregation & Analysis

Visualization Layer

Powerful Elements

The three powerful elements of the Drive Insights Application you can ever have.

Data Source

We can pull data from your existing service providers to give you insights. We can pull the data directly and securely from your systems, process it, and provide you with rich and powerful visualizations.

Examples of data sources include;

  • GPS Systems
  • Fleet management
  • Weather Data
  • ERP
  • Route Planning


Data Aggregation and Analysis

Data is awesome and lots of it is even better. We’ve all heard that data is like gold or the new oil. But how can you make the best use of your data without spending huge amounts? Drive Insights Aggregator combines multiple data sources into a single stream of data allowing you to get insights across your whole business.

Examples include being able to understand the impact of driving behavior on C02 emissions across your whole business. Let’s say you had a fleet of outsourced motorcycles doing last-mile deliveries combined with your own fleet and 3rd party logistic providers. Using traditional methods combining all of this data into a single source of truth could take a lot of effort and even then the data may not be in the same format or reliable. Drive Insights takes the hard work out of this.

Visualization Layer

Seeing is believing! Visual management is a crucial tool to allow you to be able to see at a glance how your business is performing. It’s not just about pretty pictures and graphs but a critical tool that allows you to identify patterns, outliers, and trends. Properly done data visualizations and change perspectives. This is a key tool to allow you to make sense of data over time.

Drive Insights currently supports Power BI as our main visualization tool, We are adding more tools.

Drive Insights Dashboard

Fuel Dashboard

The ultimate business intelligence analytics for the transportation and mobility industry

  • Focusing on 4 critical areas
    • Fuel Consumption
    • Fuel Efficiency
    • Fuel Theft
    • Fleet Idling
  • Works with customer’s existing GPS
  • No additional device to install
  • Customizable dashboard
  • Low monthly fee


Drive Insight – Driving Behavior

Drive Insights – C02 Emissions

  • Is a powerful and beautiful fuel analytic dashboard for fleets.
  • Can help you generate additional revenue through your existing customer.
  • Works with GPS, with no additional device to install and for a low monthly fee.
  • Make better data-driven decisions for your business with Drive Insights
  • Can be customized and integrated with your application
  • Help your customer lower their operational costs with a fuel analytics dashboard.

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