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Transforming Insurance Industry with AI Technology and Data-Driven Insights.

We develop advanced solutions that streamline the claims process, reduce fraudulent claims, lower operational costs, and enhance customer engagement.


Core Challenges & DRVR Solution
in the Insurance Landscape:

Safeguarding Against Fraud Claims with Drive Safe

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The Challenge

Fraudulent claims erode profits, strain resources, and damage the integrity of insurance operations. Identifying and preventing fraud is an ongoing struggle that requires the utilization of advanced tools and strategies.

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DRVR Solution

Enhance your fraud combat capabilities with Drive Safe‘s advanced analytics, driven by AI, Machine Learning, and Big Data. Our solution enables precise verification and validation of claims, significantly mitigating the impact of fraudulent activities.

Unlocking Customer Acquisition & Retention with Drive Safe

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The Challenge

In a fiercely competitive insurance landscape, attracting and retaining customers remains a constant challenge. Generic offerings frequently fall short in capturing attention, leading to a continuous battle to distinguish and foster customer loyalty.

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DRVR Solution

Leverage the comprehensive driving behavior insights and scores provided by Drive Safe to create tailored and engaging insurance products. Employ gamification to develop innovative and personalized policies that entice and retain customers, aligning coverage with their unique driving habits.

Revolutionizing Insurance Products with DRVR

Embedded Insurance (Pay-Per-Trip)

Simplify the insurance acquisition process for new customers by offering Embedded Insurance, specifically designed to meet their immediate needs. Drive Safe makes it easier for individuals to secure insurance where it matters most.

Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)

Reward your existing customers with better policies aligned with their driving behavior. Drive Safe‘s Usage-Based Insurance allows you to offer personalized coverage, fostering customer loyalty through tailored policies.

Insurance Qualified Leads (IQL)

Attract potential customers with a 30-day test drive and the opportunity to lower their insurance premiums if they qualify. Discover how Drive Safe not only safeguards against fraud but also generates Insurance Qualified Leads, bringing in prospects who are committed to a safer and more equitable insurance journey.

First Notification of Loss (FNOL)

Drive Safe‘s FNOL integration offers swift incident notifications with precise geocoding, expediting claims processing. Paired with seamless roadside assistance, this comprehensive solution ensures accuracy and promptness across all aspects of insurance claims.

DRVR: Your Strategic Innovation Partner

More than just a product, Drive Safe serves as a strategic ally for insurers tackling the fast-paced evolution of the industry. Elevate your insurance offerings, improve risk management, and streamline operations with Drive Safe’s innovative solutions.

Explore Our Tailored Solutions

White Label App: Accelerate your brand with our white-label app, ready for launch in less than 20 days. Our fully branded Android and iOS app puts your name at the forefront of the road safety revolution.

SDK (Software Development Kit)

Unlock your app’s potential in as little as 24 hours. Our innovative iOS and Android telematics SDKs seamlessly integrate driving behavior analytics and rewarding features into your native or hybrid app.

Shaping a Safer and More Efficient Insurance Future with DRVR

To learn more about how Drive Safe and DRVR’s innovative solutions can transform your approach to risk assessment and claims management, reach out to us today.