We make driving safer, by combining data from smartphones with AI


→ Keep your drivers safe.


DRVR’s smartphone telematics and fleet intelligence platform can help insurers and fleet operators reduce costs, improve safety and acquire new customers.


What makes Drive Safe unique?

DRVR uses sensors on the smartphone to identify and monitor driving behavior. We can identify risks, reduce accidents and notify of accidents/losses without the need for expensive GPS hardware.


App-based solution allowing fast, global rollout


Up to 80% cheaper than conventional telematics


Driver and privacy-friendly


Enterprise-grade security & architecture


Actionable insight and a fully-managed system


Unique solution for motorcycle

Drive Safe App

Drive Safe is a white-label app that can be deployed within a matter of a few hours.

Our Core Products

The solutions for your requirements; now and in the future.

Drive Safe

Smartphones have powerful computers onboard them, which can be harnessed to collect data on driving behavior. We have developed an app-based telematics solution called Drive Safe.

Drive Insights

Business Intelligence at your fingertips. Drive Insights gathers data and beautifully displays it on the easy-to-use BI Dashboard.

Drive Safe App for your brand

Branded App

DRVR can deploy a fully branded Android and iOS app within 17 days. Start saving money on fuel and reduce your carbon emissions today! Find out how to improve your fleet safety now!

Software Development Kit (SDK)

Within 24 hours, you can easily embed our innovative iOS and Android telematics SDKs to enhance your native or hybrid app with driving behavior, analytics features, and reward mechanisms.


DRVR has worked with customers in many industries. Find a solution that meets your needs.

Insurance Industry

DRVR can support insurance companies to develop new and innovative products. One example is embedded insurance.

Leasing, Car Rental, and Fleets

DRVR has more than 7 years of experience in developing technology solutions for fleet managers.

Our Customer’s Achievement


Carbon Emissions Reduction


Driving Behavior Improvement


Claims Cost Reduction


Increase in Lead Conversion

Why customers love Drive Safe and Drive Safe SDK

DRVR can provide an SDK that can be integrated seamlessly into your
existing app or we can develop a branded app for you.

Technology that’s easy to use and designed for the modern world!

Drive Safe has been developed with our corporate and enterprise customers in mind. Our team of experts will work with your business and development teams to seamlessly integrate the solution into your existing business processes. DRVR Technology puts people first with developer-friendly documentation and support.

accurate target

Accurate scoring

accurate target

Low data usage

trip route

Automatic trip detection

ph, smartwatch

Device compatibility


Low battery usage

accurate target

Feature-rich experience

DRVR’s streaming data platform allows you to connect your existing data sources and create an ecosystem. Events are streamed in real-time into our platform and made available via API and webhooks.

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