Company Overview

Enhancing Road Safety for Accident Reduction and Life Saving Through Innovative Solutions

Committed to mitigating the profound impact of road accidents, we leverage cutting-edge technology to provide app-based solutions, driving innovation for a safer and smarter future for all.

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Company Overview

DRVR, founded in 2016 by a team of seasoned telematics experts, is on a mission to revolutionize road safety. Our core objective is clear: “Reducing Road Accidents & Saving Lives.” We understand the profound impact of road accidents and have dedicated ourselves to addressing this critical issue through cutting-edge technology. Our primary focus is on the Asian continent, where road safety remains a significant concern.

Our app-based solutions leverage smartphone sensors, AI and Machine Learning algorithms, and gamification techniques to analyze and enhance driving behavior. These advanced tools enable us to unlock insights and provide turnkey risk management solution for businesses.

Headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand and a strategic partnership with PT Nagase in Indonesia, as well as our global partner HERE Technologies, we’ve already made substantial strides toward our mission. However, our growth doesn’t stop there. With upcoming locations in Japan and several other Asian countries on the horizon, our commitment to road safety extends far beyond borders. Join us in our endeavor and together we can create safer, smarter, and more secure driving environment for everyone.


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Confluent – Data Streaming Startup Challenge Global


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Echelon Top 100 – Thailand



Echelon Top 100 – Singapore


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ORIGIN Innovation Awards



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King Power – Thailand