Solution for Insurance Industry

We partner with brilliant, like-minded companies to improve business driver safety. In a nutshell, we work together to reduce driving risk for companies around the world.

Embedded Insurance

(Pay per trip)

DRVR can support insurance companies to develop new and innovative products. One example is embedded insurance. Drive Safe SDK or White Label App can be included in rental, leasing, and purchase agreements so the customer can acquire insurance at the point of sale rather than having to contact the insurance company separately. DRVR has experience working with car markers in Australia and across Asia. We can develop a solution to support your dealers, brokers, and sales teams.

Usage Based Insurance (UBI) Pay as You Drive and Pay How you Drive

Usage Based Insurance is gaining increasing traction globally. Customers love the convenience and savings the product offers. By using Drive Safe insurers can offer a UBI solution in a matter of a few weeks tailored to your needs.
Drive Safe can monitor how much you drive and how you drive. We can work with insurance companies to develop a solution that allows them to offer innovative solutions to consumers, fleets, and other markets.


Insurance Qualified Leads (IQL)

DRVR has partnered with Zendrive to offer Insurance Qualified Leads. IQL allows the insurance company to reduce the cost of customer acquisition by up to 80%. Insurers can receive leads that are qualified. Drive Safe SDK will identify driving behaviors over a month and at the end of that period a quote from the insurer.
The customer receives an offer tailored to their needs and the insurance company can cut out the middleman and reduce advertising costs significantly.

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