Drive Safe

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Our driving behavior application “Drive Safe” can help you!

Insurance Outlook

More and more insurance companies, in fact 74% (based on Deloitte’s 2022 insurance outlook), are investing more in technology which automates the process of attracting new customers, engaging existing customers, and reducing customer acquisition costs!


Drive Safe

Drive Safe, the ultimate solution for monitoring and recording driving behavior uses the latest technology to provide insightful data that can improve the safety, productivity, and efficiency of your fleets.


Monitor driving behavior with real-time alerts & notifications

Increase safety and reduce risk with actionable insights & reports

Improve efficiency with a user-friendly management dashboard

Encourage safe driving with gamification & rewards

Our app uses smartphone sensors to detect driving events like:


Harsh Braking &

Harsh Turning

Rapid Acceleration

Phone Usage

Collision Detection

Management Portal for Fleet Operators/Managers:

Our easy-to-use dashboard provides fleet managers and back office users with an overall fleet score, performance breakdown, driving events, and driver information. This allows you to monitor driving behavior and take action to improve safety and efficiency.

Drive Safe: The Key to Unlocking Innovative Insurance Products

By providing driving behavior & driving scores, Drive Safe App can help you gain new customers with a better offer than competitors, or retain your existing customers with a customized policy based on how they drive.

Embedded Insurance (Pay-Per-Trip)

Make it easier for new customers to acquire insurance from you where they need most!

Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)

Give your existing customers a better policy based on how they drive.

Insurance Qualified Leads (IQL)

Points & Rewards programs can be integrated into the app to encourage safe driving. This can potentially help lowering road accidents and result in lesser payouts.

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