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There are many fleet management and GPS platforms out there. DRVR has developed a unique platform that can combine data from many different services.

DRVR has more than 7 years of experience in developing technology solutions for fleet managers. Often fleet managers have to deal with a plethora of different systems from GPS tracking, and route planning to compliance and reporting. DRVR can work with your existing solutions to aggregate and consolidate the data into a single platform for reporting and compliance.

Help me Save money on my Fleet

DRVR’s Drive Safe app-based solution can be combined with data from GPS systems into a single reporting interface to give you visibility across your whole fleet. Combining the app and device-based solutions saves cost and still offers a robust solution.

Drive Insight – Bi Intelligence

DRVR’s BI Dashboard product Drive Insights can pull data from the leading telematics services to provide you with visualizations of your data in one place. Compliance requirements such as driver safety reporting and CO2 emissions monitoring are becoming increasingly important for fleet managers. DRVR’s reporting solutions, BI dashboard and Drive Safe App can help you to deliver all of your compliance requirements.

Powerful Integrations and API

At DRVR we want to make technology easier. You don’t need 10 different systems to log into. DRVR’s solution Integrates with all the leading Fleet Management Solutions.

DRVR can also offer Fleet Management solutions from Ruptela, Navixy, and Geotab (In Thailand & Indonesia Only) Book a Demo (For Fleet Management Product)

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